Context marketing, is a segment of market research which includes many factors of advertisements such as:

Search Engine Ads

An ad format that can contain images or videos, pay-per-click, responds to user requests, is available for launch on search and in networks

Smart banners

Media format with pay-per-click, solves the problem of generating sales using dynamic content on a banner, automatically generated for each user


Mobile application banners

Advertising on search engine sites, in partner services and on devices compatible with the mobile application. Increases the applications popularity and recognition. Leading to downloads and installs.


Media content Ads

Mix of media and contextual formats for desktops and mobile devices, designed to attract users interested in one topic with pay per impression.


Targeted Ads

Increasing the brands awareness and lead generation, bringing high conversion rates to the site due to precise settings for the target audience and placement of advertisements in Google advertising.

Effect of context marketing

Below we will explain the reasons of context marketing and why you should include them in strategy building

Contextual advertising is connected in the meaning with the main word in the search query of a potential client. Advertisements are displayed according to the content on the site.

Modern internet marketing tools are developing rapidly. Contextual advertising in Google Ads. Triggered chains of letters, SMS distribution, messages to viber or whatsapp and much more!

Find all the keywords of Google ad campaign and budget for profitable ads. Find out which advertising campaign brought a customer who called your company.

With a combination of tools (SEO Tools) your business will have the best acception and recognition from your clietns. Being able to reach out to all target audiences is our main result. 

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